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Chargeur à induction pour téléphones, montres et écouteurs

(100 avis client)
78,74 248,93  TTC
UGS : CJSJSJSJ00914 Catégorie :

Note :

Ce produit n’est pas un produit Apple mais il est compatible avec les produit Apple.

Informations :

Chargement sans fil, le support 2 en 1 est simple et pratique

Prend en charge plusieurs appareils simultanément.

La nouvelle définition est trois en un, simple et élégant sans prendre de place.


Dimentions :12 x 10 x 8 cm

Poids : 187 g

Tension d’entrée : 9 V

Tension de sortie : 9 V

Type : Chargeur à induction

Courant de
charge : 1,2 A

Interface : USB TYPE-C

Couleur : Noir, Blanc

Contenu du paquet :

1 x Support de charge à induction

Poids 0,55 kg
Dimensions 210 × 210 × 200 cm

1Black 1White, 3PCS Black, 3PCS White, 3PCS black, Black UK, Black, White UK, White


Apple, Samsung, Apple EU plug, Apple2pc, Samsung EU plug, Samsung2pc

100 avis pour Chargeur à induction pour téléphones, montres et écouteurs

  1. E***R

    Güzel ve estetik. Beklenen zamandan çok önce elime ulaştı. Sağlıklı günler dilerim. Teşekkürler.

  2. A***n

    They dont work. They took 3 months to deliver and they don't work. I either got ripped off or they broke over the 3 month lag. Want an exchange or my money back quickly!

  3. C***e

    배송이 빨라요. 10일만에 받았고, 충전 잘되고 튼튼해보여요. 만족합니다.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  4. B***r

    Все работает. (заряжаются все три устройства сразу) не смогли зарядить iphone XS, но скорей всего из-за приклеенной пластины на корпус. Устройством доволен.

  5. P***a

    Супер! Не шумит, отлично заряжает

  6. A***v

    Товар пришёл быстро. Все 3 части зарядного устройства работают, снизу есть зелёный индикатор который показывает что именно заряжается, не ожидал такого. Сама зарядка приятная на ощупь прорезинивая
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  7. P***y

    I'm very satisfied

  8. Z***d

    Very quick service. On time and good tracking. The items are good and easy to install. Recommended to all.

  9. K***n

    결제 직후 배송 시작되어 약 10일만에 도착했습니다. 집에 1개, 사진처럼 사무실에 1개 거치하였는데 핸드폰, 워치 동시충전 아주 잘 됩니다. 가격이 좀 비싸지만 리뷰가 많고 퀄리티 있어보이는 것으로 산 보람이 있네요. 구매 추천드립니다.
    no remark

  10. A***v

    Not as quickly charges as I would like, but meets the declared data. Pleasant charging, looks great and tactile like it!

  11. V***o

    Everything is good, the goods came mint, but inside the whole and works fine. I am happy
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  12. S***y

    I'm very satisfied

  13. S***o

    Good product. It doesn't have an excessively fast charge but it works well. The AirPods area can also charge a phone. The product looks good quality. On the front has 3 led that lights up in green depending on the load use you give it, if it's phone, the middle one goes on, if it's clock on the right. I miss that when it was loaded it would change color.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  14. S***m

    Good quality, so I ordered the second one

  15. O***o

    Fast enough delivery, well-packed goods, works. Headphones can not check, do not support.
    no remark

  16. E***e


  17. N***n

    Everything is fine, except that the indicator is constantly flashing. Is it possible to disable it somehow? It annoys me, I will not use it because of him.
    no remark

  18. A***v

    Squash fast. Charges only 2 devices, the headphones do not charge.

  19. S***i

    The goods didn't come. Dengi got it back.

  20. M***o

    Amazing product! Works as advertised and has a great built quality! Will buy more like this for sure! Great seller! Product and seller recommended! I will buy more!

  21. C***a

    It works but even with a powerful charger plug it takes lots of time to charge your devices. Like 40% more when compared with the normal charger. Don’t waste your money here.

  22. R***b

    The box is crumpled, but it's as always!!! Charging works fine!!! Charges all three gadgets simultaneously!!! Phone, headphones and watches without problems!!! Power supply included no, taipsy cable!!! I'm happy with the purchase!!! Arrived the parcel quickly!!!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  23. S***e

    Well-received. IPhone Xs, Apple smartwatch S, air teapot pro misbecome Month simultaneously charge very well.
    Depending on the number of electric charge down lights will light..
    After charging fever is not also a lot.
    Good product good buy.

  24. S***l

    All is working except mobile charging. I am unable to charge my phone on dock . :((((( not working

  25. A***v

    Item as described, good quality and fast shipping

  26. Y***n

    very bad quality, don’t charge my airpods, my iphone sometimes charge sometimes not
    , the watch is the only thing that allways charge, very disappointed. the seller don’t answer to my massages

  27. G***k

    Kvalitativne them vyzsej urovni Ako similar vyrobky, Som Velmi relaxed.

  28. A***m


  29. L***l

    The product brought it to me connecting cable

  30. J***a

    Charging came very quickly, for 5 days, the box is a little crumpled, but it's not critical. The only jamb, when on charging the main is the phone iPhone XR and at the same time put the watch Apple Watch 4, then the watch does not charge. If the phone is charged and quickly enough. As an option, I tried to transfer the phone to the charge that is at the bottom for the headphones, then the watch is charged.
    no remark

  31. R***v

    It's just a great thing. For your money, it's better that there is. Convenient, does not take up much space, and most importantly, it works well! Buy and do not think. Charges iPhone Xs, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods 2. delivery to Moscow 2 days.

  32. M***k

    After few weeks, Working good, thanks

  33. S***n

    Everything works fine, asked the seller before shipping check the goods, which apparently he did, so everything works fine

  34. I***v

    A good wireless charger, I recommend. IPhone 11 pro Max, AirPods pro, aw 4 charges perfectly! Included only cable, do not forget to buy separately charger Qc3 by 18 W

  35. S***o

    Everything perfect

  36. C***r

    This is such a great product I ordered a 2nd one! It arrived SOOO fast also. Fantastic service

  37. R***z

    The product does what it promises but is not well manufactured, so it is not worth paying almost 20 € for a poor product. As soon as you load a mobile on the front, you hear a really annoying sound during charging. If you're gonna have it next to the bed, don't buy it.

  38. S***n

    2 days in Moscow. Took as a gift, like a friend does not complain

  39. V***D

    The thing is cool. The husband is delighted, pulls three devices at a time. By the way, for the background Raser also fits well conveniently.
    But there was a PPC for how long))

  40. A***z

    Charge perfectly. Wonderful!

  41. G***r

    The four! Shipping wholesale safely oh well and looks to be a charging dock ~
    no remarkno remark

  42. N***o

    Excellent charging!

  43. K***r

    Shipping is incredibly quickly grew to Weeks arrived on safe piggy bank home the charging time fever and no very usefully during use. Recommend buying you ~!

  44. A***n

    Interesting device. Really charges three devices at once. In White, it looks very beautiful and good. Very fast delivery. I advise everyone of this seller!

  45. S***z

    Absolutely perfect!

  46. J***L

    Good quality.

  47. M***f

    Item as described

  48. M***l

    Great supplier ! Fast and great quality ! Thank you !

  49. C***l

    Very good and comfortable. Highly recommended. The only thing that the light is too strong to have in the bedroom but if it's covered, it's perfect!

  50. D***m

    Shipping incredibly quickly grew. Charge it with very well made. Charger is being charged Ali is green light lot bright letter is.

  51. I***v

    The goods came with marriage. In the dispute did not pay anything

  52. K***l

    Late no less than shipping has been completed. Cellphone for iPhone SE 2nd generation that given the bracket little not small, I think.
    no remarkno remark

  53. D***v

    Don't waste money! Contact is always missing. Charge your phone and watch simultaneously-not possible

  54. G***s

    Bought the white and send me with black cable!!?? The indicative lights not off, impossible to use near the bed for illuminating any room! As sleeping that way?

  55. P***y

    Very Satisfied

  56. S***s

    Amazing product, and it came very quick!

    I tried it with two iPhones and 1 apple watch and all 3 are charging. Very good quality.
    no remark

  57. A***v

    It came quickly! Asked to pack well because. As a gift-they did, packed armored. Thank you!

  58. D***a

    The light charges all 3 devices simultaneously without any failures.
    no remark

  59. 0***r

    Perfect and very fast.

  60. C***u

    so fast so good

  61. A***o

    The charging area of the headphones is not working. The rest of the load goes very slow. Blink a light. Looks like it's not going well.

  62. S***s

    Shipping was a bit slow but arrived in the end. Works great with every device – iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, my only criticism would be the leds that light up to say what is charging are very bright and light keep you up if you use this beside your end. Nothing a bit of black tape / marker can’t fix though.

  63. A***l

    Cool charging station, works as stated!

  64. U***r

    Super fast shipping and works perfectly. It takes up little space which is amazing.

  65. E***a

    Very cool looks and works)

  66. P***p

    The box came a little wrinkled, but in a time or so fast, it's not fast loading how it says it is, it's slow to load and I don't work the part to load airpods, there are better, I wouldn't buy it again.

  67. E***u

    Is working

  68. M***n

    Super fast delivery, within 14 days delivered in Netherlands. I have been around 1 in use and that works fine also Okay so this will do. Only display lights on front covering because who burner very bright.

  69. K***r

    Charging is well used in subtle. halter Big Street retail for men Shipping very quickly summer

  70. A***n

    Receive all good

  71. D***d

    Item arrived in approx. 15 days. Very fast considering past experiences.

  72. P***y

    Shipping was very fast and the product was as described. I am very happy with my purchase.
    no remark

  73. A***v

    Happy with the purchase. The order came quickly. Packing whole. Charges the watch and phone quickly. Charging for headphones has not yet checked, my do not support wireless charging. I took it for a sample, now I will order two more.

  74. M***n

    It does not charge my watch 🙁

  75. R***r

    Charges all three devices just fine

  76. M***g

    Ali for living in China best well mountain bike equal days only for shipping shipping charge is well finish so ably four key
    no remark

  77. K***e

    Material is

  78. I***v

    Didn't get item! Didn't return money!

  79. R***a

    Came in 1 week. Everything works. The quality is excellent!
    no remark

  80. E***e

    Excellent quality plastic! A worthy thing! Took two different. For iPhone and Apple Watches and for Samsung-and then it works perfectly!

  81. M***y

    Super, everything works, although it's a little heated, but I think they all warm up

  82. N***v

    Everything has come

  83. V***a

    No watch charging.

  84. Y***g


  85. I***n

    Super! Pleasant to the touch, with the task copes with Hurray. Recommend!
    no remark

  86. M***a

    All accurate!

  87. P***n

    So far the unit does exactly what was promised. It did take a long time to get here however. Not sure if that was because of COVID or not but it arrived via standard post and not damaged.

  88. P***h

    Everything is like working

  89. 1***r

    Brought in 3 days to Moscow. In the morning. The courier just called what would be in 30 minutes. It's a good thing not all of us had time to leave at home. In the rest-satisfied.

  90. A***v

    Charging is cool! Delivered in 5 days to the door. It charges everything. I have Huawei headphones with wireless charging also charge (connector down). There would be a highlight of a more neutral color and more tender light, it would be quite perfect))) but also so everything is super)

  91. V***t

    It looks very sturdy and elegant

  92. D***O

    Super! Delivered on the 5th day! Charging quality is excellent! IPhone 11 charges and does not fight, charging goes even when the phone lies horizontally! Very satisfied with the purchase! The seller is handsome!!!!!!!!!!
    no remark

  93. A***L

    The station works. The watch charges, I do not have headphones, so I will not say …. But the phone charges only if you put it sideways, standing vertically does not charge ….

  94. P***n

    Charges!!! Phone, watches and headphones! There are no sounds and excessive heating! And you can put five balls, but a little runs the backlight. It's too bright, and I realized that it's not like to disable!

  95. F***r

    Great charger, works with everything at once. Got here in 2-3 weeks, so quite swift as well. Only thing worth mentioning is that it doesn’t charge unless it’s connected to the socket, so keep that in mind.

  96. L***o

    I haven't tried it yet.

  97. L***s

    verry good quality

  98. I***v

    The goods came in a mint package. I can not check the performance, because there is no charging for 18 watts in the kit. And it was a little upset. If I did not know.

  99. S***a

    Month simultaneously charging well being!

  100. S***s

    Is working

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